Claylee's Dance Academy - Classes


CDA's classes provide the theory and practice of the classical school of ballet. Dancers develop technique and strength as well as proficiency, expressiveness, and musicality.

Serious ballet students enrolled in Cecchetti Ballet classes are required to take the appropriate technique class for their level. Children are invited and/or approved to participate Cecchetti Exam Method training.  

Students at CDA learn Cecchetti Ballet Method. All Cecchetti trained dancers will perform a special production piece in the July recital.


 Beg. Ballet     Thursday      6pm         Ages 6+   (Savannah) 


 Beg. Ballet      Friday          7pm        Ages 6+    (Alexis)


 Beg. Ballet      Saturday     11:30m   Ages 6+   (Amanda)


**The Following Classes are by Invitation Only**

 Ballet Std. 1*    Wednesday     4:00pm         (Claylee)


 Ballet 1*            Monday          5:00pm          (Claylee)


 Ballet 2*            Friday           7:00pm           (Claylee)


 Ballet 3a*        Friday            6:00pm            (Claylee)


 Ballet 3b*        Monday         4:00pm            (Claylee)


 Ballet 4*         Monday          6:00pm           (Claylee)


 Ballet 5*         Monday          8:00pm           (Claylee)


 Ballet 6+*     Wednesday       6:00pm         (Vanessa)


*Invitation Only

Students wishing to take classes above their level can do so, after consultation with instructor and approval by the Artistic Director. 

However, the students understand that they will not participate in the recital, at "higher levels"  unless invited to do so by the Artistic Director

It should be assumed that students will participate in the recital in classes at their level.

*Qualified Students must be enrolled in Cecchetti Exam Technique Class.