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Cecchetti Technique




Cecchetti ballet method is a system designed with careful regard to the laws of anatomy, thus preparing dancers' bodies to bear the strains and trials of public performance.

Cecchetti method embodies all of the qualities essential to the dancer - balance, poise, strength, elevation, elasticity, and an artistic sense of quality. Cecchetti method is an establishment of carefully orchestrated exercises and different types of steps which are practiced in a planned sequence.

Classical ballet in its purity and clean-cut style enables dancers to respond to the demands of different choreographers. It emphasizes the importance of using the entire body to establish a feeling for line.

Focus is on instruction by studying and absorbing the basic principles which govern the art, rather than by mere imitation of an individual's teaching style. Students maintain balance between the daily practice of both Cecchetti's set exercises and the teacher's new sequences. 

Offical Website Cecchetti USA  Click here


 Standard 1*     Tuesday            5:00pm       (Amanda)


 Grade 1*          Friday               5:00pm       (Claylee)


 Grade 2*          Thursday          7:00pm       (Savannah) 


 Grade 3a*        Wednesday      5:00pm       (Jill) 


Grade 3b*         Tuesday            7:00pm      (Amanda)


Grade 4*           Wednesday      6:00pm      (Jill)


Grade 5*          Wednesday      7:00pm       (Jill)


Grade 6*          Wednesday      8:00pm      (Claylee)

Grade 7+*         Thursday         8:00pm     (Claylee)


 *Invitation Only

Students are invited to take above and/or below their level if approved by Miss Vanssa or Miss Claylee. When doing so the student understands that they will not participate in the recital in those classes. Students will only participate in the show at their level.