Claylee's Dance Academy - Classes


En Pointe (pointe) is a form of ballet presented on the tips of the toes, made possible by specialized pointe shoes. There are different varieties of ballet en pointe, but for the most part they focus on grace and specific technique.

Dancers must have sufficient strength and technique before beginning pointe work, the development of which can take anywhere from six months to three years or more. It is also important for students beginning pointe to usually be at least twelve years of age. This is because bones and growth plates in the feet are often not yet fully hardened and developed.

Despite the strength and skill that the student may exhibit prior to this age, underdeveloped dancers could be injured from pointe work. At CDA, 11-year-old dancers who attend at least two ballet classes per week are invited to attend the pre-pointe class. This class is designed to strengthen the technique that is needed for pointe work. CDA pays very close attention to this criteria before inviting any student into the pointe program.


*Pre-Pointe/Pointe I    Monday      7:00pm          (Claylee)


Pointe 2*               Wednesday     5:00pm           (Vanessa)


Pointe 3*                Monday           7:00pm          (Vanessa) 



*Invitation Only

*Students wishing to take classes above their level can do so with approval by the Artistic Director.

However, the students understand that they will not participate in the recital, at "higher levels"  unless invited to do so by the Artistic Director. It should be assumed that students will participate in the recital in classes at their "exam" level.