Claylee's Dance Academy - Studio Info

Studio Policy and Tuition

General Information: You may observe your child's class from the viewing rooms. A responsible adult is REQUIRED to bring students to and from the academy. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN UNATTENDED IN THE LOBBY. Do not bring children too early before their classtime.(10-15 minutes before classtime) Please pick up students on time. No food or drinks inside the Academy. There is absolutely NO SMOKING on  facilities premises.

Monthly Tuition per Family

Due 1st Lesson of Each Month

Lesson Per Week - Monthly Tuition

  • 1 Lesson  - $65
  • 2 Lessons - $95
  • 3 Lessons - $115
  • 4 Lessons - $130
  • 5 Lessons - $140
  • 6 Lessons - $150
  • 7 Lessons - $160
  • 8 Lessons - $170
  • 9 Lessons - $180
  • 10+ Lessons -$190

Late Fee: $10 after the 10th of each month.

Annual Registration Fee
$20 per student when enrolled during Fall Session
$30 per student after January 1st

Private Lessons: $30 per half hour/Schedule Lessons with Ms Claylee
Single Class Rates: $20 to be paid at time of lesson

Returned Checks: $20 fee

Absences and Make-Up Lessons: Regular attendance is a must! Vacation, illness or injuries are understandable, however, we do expect lessons to be made up and to be notified prior to such absences, at which time you can arrange a make-up lesson. Make up lessons within one month of absence. NO credit adjustments are made for lessons missed. Prices have been averaged for the holidays we are closed- Thanksgiving, 2 weeks Christmas Break, 1 week for Easter Break, etc.  

If a student's work declines, we reserve the right to change your child to another class. This enables us to keep classes on a balanced learning level. We reserve the right to add students to any class or change class day or time if necessary.

Updated: August 7th, 2016